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Asia’s Economy: Unstoppable Growth Until 2050

Asia is set to dominate global growth in the coming years due to its impressive economic strength, growing population, strategic geostrategic position, improved educational and political status, and technological advances. Its total population is expected to exceed 4.5 billion by 2025, with China becoming the largest economy in the world at $58.5 trillion. The region's increased talent pool, advanced digital technologies and smart city developments will further its growth prospects, providing the perfect opportunity for foreign investor involvement.

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Asia’s 2050 Economy: Soaring Beyond Expectations

China and Asian countries are well-positioned to dominate global economic growth in the near future. Factors such as having four of the world's seven largest economies, a large population size, accelerated development, abundant natural resources, and investment in research and development have all combined to make the region an attractive destination. The Asian region is likely to experience economic growth regardless of potential obstacles, making investment in the region an attractive option for years to come.

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Curtis Banks & Ecologi Unite for Tree-Planting

The Group is proudly launching a green initiative for 2023, where they will fund the planting of trees on behalf of their clients. This tree planting exercise will involve up to 30 trees per commercial property, in addition to an additional 30 for each new property acquired in 2023. This initiative will promote the growth of local wildlife and seek to make positive impacts in the fight against climate change. The initiative is part of the Group’s commitment to help make the world a better place and protect the planet.

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Data Breach Hits 60% Firms: GDPR Impact Revealed

Despite the introduction of GDPR, only 24% of company executives fully understand its implications. As a result, 58% of firms surveyed in the US and UK have experienced a data breach, and only a third of those surveyed have the confidence that their business is compliant. Cyber security experts are recommending businesses implement GDPR training and the right infrastructure to handle data breaches, which will result in greater cost savings in the long term than the financial punishment of a breach. Companies must ensure processes are in place to protect their customers' data in order to safeguard their reputation and wellbeing.

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Discover Top-Performing Property Markets Now

England saw a 4.7% increase in new-builds last year, with London seeing 32,510 homes completed and Sheffield having the highest increase year-on-year with 37.8%. Of the new-builds, 36.3% lacked family accommodation, such as two or more bedrooms, while 6.2% of homes were remodelled or refurbished. This year has allowed England to expand its housing stock and enjoy an increase in overall housing quality.

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Aegon Cheers LIFTS Initiative: Tech & Science Boost

Aegon is thrilled with the recent Government unveiling of the Long-term Investment for Technology and Science initiative. Tim Orton, Chief Investment Officer, has praised the move as encouraging and revolutionary, as the program seeks to establish a long-term capital supply for the tech and science sectors. Aegon believes this could drastically enhance technological advancement and drastically alter investment approaches. The initiative marks the first step in a potential process of other sectors following suit and Aegon is eager to witness what growth this development could bring.

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Forced Retirement Savings: Good or Bad?

A modern family no longer has the one-size-fits-all approach to mealtime. With children having access to so many options, parents must juggle traditional favourites with new tastes and take into account dietary restrictions. The sharing of family recipes, as well as allowing freedom of choice, can be key in showing children that food is a way to explore the world.

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