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The Curtis Banks Group is launching a green initiative for 2023, where they will help to further the fight against climate change by funding the planting of trees on behalf of its clients.

Every commercial property held in their portfolio will benefit from the scheme, with up to 30 trees to be planted for each premises. They won’t just stop there though; the Group has also committed to going further and planting an additional 30 trees for every new commercial property that is acquired in the year 2023.

This significant tree planting exercise will be a huge contribution to the climate change fight, with the trees in question being hand-selected from a wide range of carefully-sourced and native species, depending on the local area.

The Group are proud to be taking an active role in supporting the environment and are confident that this initiative will make a tangible and positive difference. It’s part of their unwavering commitment towards helping make the world a better place and do their part in protecting the planet.

The Curtis Banks Group stands united with all those who seek to slow down the impacts of global warming and fight for a more sustainable future. Every single property that is added to the portfolio in 2023 will be contributing to this bigger picture.

By pushing ahead with this new scheme, the Group will be playing a big part in promoting the growth of local wildlife and so enthusiasts have already welcomed the news with undisguised glee.

The Curtis Banks Group is determined to lead the way in combatting climate change and are looking forward to a hugely successful year in 2023, as they help make the world a greener and more sustainable place for future generations.

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