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Pension misselling

Unravel the complexities of mis-sold pensions with Kinsley Rose. Let our experts guide you to a just resolution, reclaiming your financial stability and peace of mind.


Investment misselling

Combat investment mis-selling with Kinsley Rose’s professional guidance. Secure your financial future as we help you recover losses and regain confidence in your investment decisions.


Crypto Scams

Recover from the sting of crypto scams with Kinsley Rose by your side. Our dedicated team works diligently to help you regain lost assets and restore your faith in the world of digital currencies.


Pension Transfers

Navigate the intricacies of pension transfers with Kinsley Rose’s expert assistance. Safeguard your retirement savings and ensure a seamless transition for a financially secure future.


Mis-sold Solar Panels

Rectify the impact of mis-sold solar panels with the support of Kinsley Rose. Let our skilled team help you recover your losses and regain confidence in your sustainable energy investments.

solar panels

Unfair Personal Loans

Challenge unfair personal loan practices with the expertise of Kinsley Rose. Our dedicated team is committed to helping you secure rightful compensation and restore your financial well-being.


Mis-sold Car Finance

Take control of your mis-sold PCP car finance situation with Kinsley Rose’s guidance. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you reclaim your losses and steer your finances back on track.

Car finance

SDLT Refund

Reclaim overpaid stamp duty land tax with Kinsley Rose’s expert assistance. Trust our knowledgeable team to navigate complex regulations, securing your rightful refund and restoring your financial peace of mind.


Tax Refunds

Maximize your tax refund potential with the expertise of Kinsley Rose. Our proficient team is committed to helping you recover overpayments and optimize your financial well-being.


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