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Sweden, Australia, and Denmark are a special few when it comes to female representation on their currency. Australia has set the remarkable standard of having the only currency that has achieved a perfect balance of gender parity, with each side of the banknote depicting the image of a woman. Commissioned by the Australian government, the images honor some of the nation’s most influential contributors, spanning the fields of human rights, art, and science.

Sweden is not far behind. The country issues its own currency, the Swedish krona, and gender equality can be seen throughout its banknotes. In 2015, Sweden became the first European country to adopt a gender-equality banknote policy. Currently, six out of Sweden’s ten banknotes feature pictures of prominent female figures from the country’s history.

Just as remarkable are the efforts of Denmark, which recently revamped its banknotes in order to promote gender parity. While the traditional notes only included images of men, the new notes honor influential female figures in Danish culture. Out of the seven banknotes, three feature images of women.

The recognition of groups and individuals who have historically been underrepresented in art and media is an essential part of a society’s progress toward equality. Currency is no exception. Every time a woman is featured on a banknote, she is given the respect and recognition she deserves, and is a visible symbol of the great strides we have made towards female empowerment. When we seek to produce physical objects that reflect the changing trends of society—and the people who shaped them—we can take pride in the progress that has been made in gender parity.

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