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When my kids are in charge of choosing their meals, they may as well have their own personal chefs. My husband Dan and I aren’t used to having such an abundance of choice when it comes to mealtime. We grew up subsisting on whatever our parents put in front of us. But, our children, lucky them, have access to all sorts of items that weren’t around when we were kids.

I find myself reaching for nostalgia on occasion when it comes to deciding what to make them. Apple pies and macaroni and cheese are frequently requested, especially around the holidays. But there are plenty of opportunities to share some of the new and exciting recipes available as well.

Our shopping list sometimes requires a little more creativity and involves us purchasing ingredients we may not have been familiar with a decade ago. Even if it’s something we’ve tasted before, the items can be encountered in other forms with flavors that we may not be used to.

And, of course, there are dietary restrictions that we must consider when deciding on meals. With so many children having food allergies these days, parents must be even more aware of what they put on the family table. Sometimes I’ll get a bit overwhelmed when trying to find a meal that accommodates everyone’s individual preferences.

It can be a real challenge making meals for my family, but the variety of food that our children get to enjoy is a welcome change. We want them to make informed and responsible choices. Showing our children that food can be a way to explore the world outside our four walls is one of the most valuable gifts we can give them. So, whether it’s an old family recipe or something brand new, having the freedom to choose what to eat is something that I’d never want to take away from them.

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