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Jeff Bezos – Digital Entrepreneur and Amazon’s Billionaire CEO

Jeff Bezos is best known to be the founder of the world’s largest e-commerce platform and the CEO of Amazon, but he should also be known for his incredible success as a digital entrepreneur. Jeff Bezos, who is an American billionaire, also founded Blue Origin, an aerospace company, and The Washington Post, which he bought in 2013. His meteoric rise to success and the remarkable influence he has had on the digital age cannot be understated.

Bezos was born Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen in 1964, in New Mexico. He was the youngest son of Jacklyn Gise Jorgensen and Ted Jorgensen, although his last name was changed to Bezos after his mother married Mike Bezos in 1968. After graduating high school in 1982, Bezos attended Princeton University and obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering and computer science.

In 1994, Bezos founded Amazon.com, an online bookstore. With the help of millions that he had earned from Wall Street when he was working at D.E. Shaw, Bezos launched Amazon out of his garage. Over the course of the next 5 years Amazon grew rapidly, leading to the company’s initial public offering (IPO) in 1997.

Amazon’s growth and success has continued even still. By 2013, the company was worth more than $158 billion and in 2018, it posted a record profit of more than $2 billion. Bezos himself has become incredibly successful off the back of Amazon’s success and is at this point, the richest person in the world.

As well as Amazon, Bezos has interests in many other successful businesses. He founded Blue Origin, an aerospace manufacturer and private spaceflight services company in 2000, which is currently working on a number of projects to facilitate sustainable space tourism. He’s also the owner of The Washington Post, which he bought in 2013, in an effort to keep it as an independent news outlet.

Jeff Bezos has earned a largely undisputed title of one of the most successful digital entrepreneurs of all time. His firm, Amazon, has shaped and shaped the digital age and continues to remain a leader in e-commerce. Bezos himself continues to make bank from his best-known venture and his interests in other businesses show his sound business sense. It won’t be surprising to find Bezos on the list of the world’s richest for many years to come.

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