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Women are prone to feeling overwhelmed in the workplace, and this struggle is known as the impostor syndrome. To combat this feeling of insecurity, measures must be taken to foster a more inclusive work environment. Ali Crossley, the Managing Director of Distribution at L&G, made this statement yesterday during the Women in Protection Conference in London.

Crossley took on the role as head of the Women in Protection network two years ago and works to ensure that women in the financial sector are given adequate support. In order to ease the impostor syndrome issue, Crossley believes that “support and guidance” must be provided. This relief could come in the form of senior employers acting as mentors to those coming up the ranks and offering support and advice.

Much of this inspiration, though, must start from within. Crossley encourages women to celebrate their successes and forge close relationships with colleagues to allow for collaboration on key projects. She also encouraged women to become interested in products and features that have traditionally been designed around male needs. By changing the conversation and pushing for greater diversity, Crossley hopes that this will redound to the benefit of all genders.

Crossley also highlighted the importance of companies being more flexible with work-life balance and understanding individual needs, something that is unfairly skewed in the financial sector. By accommodating these varying needs, greater numbers of highly talented individuals can remain in positions of responsibility.

From her own experience, Crossley highlighted how confident she has become and how she strives to be “encouraging and supportive” to those at the early stages of their careers. With support and understanding, it is to be hoped that the issue of impostor syndrome within the financial sector will come to an inglorious end. For both men and women alike, this could help to foster a community that embraces success and collaboration in addition to fostering an environment of support.

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