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In today’s world, content is king. With more and more businesses, large and small, recognizing the power of visuals to capture customer attention – and increase sales – iStock is here to offer a one-stop guide to help them effectively communicate and connect with their target audiences.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to cause major disruptions to our lives, iStock’s VisualGPS research reveals that wellness has reached unprecedented levels of importance. This research has found that, while wellness has always been an important concept, its significance has been increased threefold over the past three years.

To help businesses capitalize on this growing trend, the iStock guide offers practical advice to boost wellness-focused visual content. From tips on how to use visuals to create meaning in all communication, to demonstrating the key principles of visual storytelling, the guide provides an effective starting point to create powerful visuals that connect with users.

The guide shines a light on the art of selecting visuals, understanding how the right visuals can communicate an immediate, powerful message. Ultimately, such visuals can help businesses make an instant connection with users, leading to better engagement, more conversions, and even greater sales opportunities.

iStock further suggests that businesses review the elements of their existing visual communications: tone, color, fonts, textures, and layout. This will enable visualization to be tailored with the target audience in mind, further impacting engagement and conversions.

iStock is committed to helping businesses of all sizes navigate the complexities of visualizing wellness content in today’s world. By introducing this new guide, iStock is offering not only tips and advice but also a powerful tool for firms to develop strong, engaging visuals to attract and retain customers.

At the same time, the guide provides an understanding of how visuals can be used to capture attention – and boost sales – in a way that feels genuine and authentic. By effectively conveying the right message, a business can ensure that its customers are engaged in a meaningful manner.

The ultimate goal of the iStock guide is to help businesses use visuals responsibly to increase engagement and conversions. Through the use of meaningful visuals, companies can create a powerful bond with their customers and drive business growth.

The ongoing pandemic has raised the importance of wellness to new levels, and companies of all sizes can reap the benefits by making great visuals part of their communication strategy. By using the advice in the iStock guide, businesses can go above and beyond to connect with their target audience and create a lasting impression.

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