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April is Stress Awareness Month, and it’s more important than ever for organizations to focus on their employees’ wellbeing. With mental and physical health being inextricably linked, companies must ensure that their staff have access to the support and resources they need to remain healthy and well.

Happy, productive employees are integral to any successful business, so having a handle on tackling stress is key. With this in mind, here are some tips for employers on best supporting their people:

Create a Healthy Working Environment

Creating an environment that encourages healthy habits starts from the get-go. Healthy eating, posture, and hydration should all be built into the work culture of any business to promote a healthy and productive mindset.

If an employee is willing, introduce an optional midday activity such as yoga or walking meetings to help break up the day and reset. Wellbeing initiatives such as this will give employees the opportunity to move away from their desks and improve their brains’ ability to concentrate and stay productive.

Encourage Employees to Have a Voice

Open communication between employer and employee is essential for healthy working relationships to form and blossom. Making sure teams have the tools they need to provide regular and honest feedback is key.

Allowing employees a platform to express their concerns will enable employers to highlight any underlying issues and develop solutions if necessary. Too often, we don’t express our issues or concerns until things become unmanageable. Regular check-ins and feedback will ensure that employers are staying on top of any potential issues arising and that employees are given a chance to have their voices heard.

Provide Supportive Resources

Employers should introduce supportive resources to help employees manage their stress. Regularly sending out mental health tips and offering access to helplines and resources will show employees that the company is taking their wellbeing seriously.

Introducing education initiatives that help employees identify when their mental health is slipping will also help. Encouraging them to use mindfulness techniques, seek professional help if necessary, and understand the importance of looking after their own wellbeing can all make a big difference.

With Stress Awareness Month in full swing, it’s the perfect opportunity for employers to step up and make a change. Making sure employees have the tools, resources, and breathing space they need is a must. Creating positive company cultures and environments where employees are heard, supported and empowered will lead to a happy and healthy workforce.

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