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Investing in the success of one’s future should never be taken lightly. Professional investors everywhere are recognizing the value of yield over growth as a critical component to their success and planning for it about five years down the line. According to a recent report from the international asset management group, Managing Partners Group (MPG), 88% of all professional investors are planning to switch their focus to yield over growth.

These investors understand that committing resources to the growth of their investments isn’t the only way to ensure success. Getting the best return on their investments requires examining the path of least resistance while still creating an environment that encourages strong, measurable growth. Yield is a metric that’s closely tied to this path as it helps measure the return a given asset will generate over a set period of time, creating more direct access to expected and tangible results.

Focusing on yield first also provides investors with the ability to manage and diagnose their investments more effectively. Taking a good look at the goals of each investment and how the yield is helping achieve those goals helps figure out potential problems before they arise. An awareness of problems early in the process can help an investor make smarter and more informed decisions sooner rather than later.

This focus on yield helps to manage risk and provides a steady path to managing one’s investments. It removes excessive speculation from the equation and encourages an investor to think logically, assigning weight to the return of an asset rather than any particular hope or belief for its success.

There’s no end to the planning and effort that an investor must put in to see a profitable return. Placing value directly on yield, rather than growth alone, is a smart way to maximize returns and create a stable, successful investment portfolio. Professional investors understand this and are increasingly turning to yield over growth to meet their goals, making sure they’re at the top of their game, year after year.

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