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Legal & General Mortgage Services is proud to reveal that its mortgage research and sourcing platform, SmartrFit, is now fully integrated with One Mortgage System (OMS). As a result, OMS broker customers can now take advantage of the tool free of charge; no licence fees or contracts are required. All OMS brokers have to do is simply select SmartrFit as their default mortgage search […]

This modernizing integration pairs the detailed mortgage search and sourcing intelligence of SmartrFit with the OMS proprietary customer relationship management system. Working in tandem, SmartrFit and OMS provide mortgage brokers with the robust tools they need to efficiently and effortlessly find the right mortgage deal for their customers, quickly and accurately. Indeed, the ability to examine deals available from the panel of over 20 lenders ensures brokers have the power to assess all suitable mortgage options – all in one place, without having to pay a hefty fee.

Being able to choose from several lenders has never been easier. OMS brokers no longer have to waste precious time manually scrolling through multiple websites for the best mortgage deals. SmartrFit provides a national mortgage search which offers a comprehensive overview of loans from the major lenders plus others that can be missed with manual searching. The onboard affordability calculator quickly reveals the cheapest deal alongside all available choice – no more trawling of tedious lenders’ terms and conditions.

The full integration of SmartrFit with OMS enables brokers to easily access the best possible deal for their customers with speed and accuracy. All the hard work is already done for them, allowing them to focus on creating valuable customer relations and maximize their earning potential. Thanks to this powerful partnership, brokers can offer a hassle-free and comprehensive service to their customers, ensuring they save vital time and money.

Essentially, the integration between SmartrFit and One Mortgage System (OMS) enables mortgage brokers to benefit from an efficient and accurate platform which helps them find the best mortgage deal from a range of lenders. This speedy and hassle-free combination promises many advantages, not least of which is the ability to save customers time and money. Brokers can improve customer experience, while still increasing their business returns.

Legal & General Mortgage Services’ innovative and modern integration with OMS presents an opportunity like no other – for brokers and their customers alike. By establishing SmartrFit as their default mortgage search, brokers gain powerful, comprehensive access to over 20 lenders, while customers can rest assured they are getting the best deal. It promises to be a powerful and time-saving combination.

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