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Today, Legal & General has added an unprecedented level of convenience and accuracy to their SmartrFit tech tool. Six new buy-to-let rental calculators and a residential affordability calculator join the suite of offerings, enabling users to find their perfect mortgage match. Through teaming up with CHL Mortgages, Zephyr Homeloans, Cambridge Building Society, Family Building Society and Accord Mortgages, users now have access to math-checked calculations to provide an even greater level of accuracy.

SmartrFit simplifies the process of finding the right mortgage, providing tailored results and in-depth cost breakdowns. Not only do users get a realistic and detailed understanding of their options, but the programme considers maximum limits for borrowers, including age and interest rate caps. Essentially, users can quickly and easily determine which mortgages are affordable and suitable for their personal circumstances.

The app has already benefited many customers, and now the addition of the new features presents more solutions to even more potential customers. The subsequent expansion of SmartrFit beyond user expectation means more accuracy, more options and an enhanced user experience. No longer do users have to manually input financial figures and look for the right mortgage, the relevant data is sourced directly – enabling people to determine their eligibility.

The expansion of SmartrFit reflects Legal & General’s commitment to providing customers with an understanding of their options, and therefore the ability to find a mortgage that best suits them. They have topped up their offering so that customers now have unprecedented levels of information at their fingertips. With the injection of the new calculators, customers can use SmartrFit and find the perfect mortgage for them.

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SmartrFit: Boosting Lender Affordability with Six Calculators