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In an age controlled by technology, it’s inevitable that our smartphones and tablets will be the target of malicious software and malware. Without proactive measures, mobile devices can be vulnerable to data and privacy threats. IT support specialists, CloudTech24, have identified several ways to establish security for mobile devices and protect yourself from damaging malware.

First, make sure to have a strong anti-virus and anti-malware software installed on your device. Hackers are using increasingly crafty and sophisticated techniques to penetrate digital defenses, taking advantage of loopholes in your technology’s safety layers. Too often, user negligence leads to devices becoming susceptible to all types of malicious software. Fortunately, anti-malware solutions are widely available, providing comprehensive protect for mobile devices.

The next stop is verifying the trustworthiness of any apps you download. Whenever possible, only download apps from the official app store, who monitor and assess each app before it is made available. Even if a less-trustworthy source can provide a heavily-desired app, infecting the device with malware is always a risk.

A third layer of security to add is alternative access codes. Passwords can easily become compromised, leaving accounts open to any number of malicious activities. Consider locking your device with alternatives such as biometrics, facial recognition, and fingerprint readers. This adds an extra layer of security as well as increasing the convenience of accessing your device.

And don’t forget common sense. Have strong passwords, avoid clicking on links from unknown sources, and never share your passwords with others. Even direct friends and family should not be trusted with such sensitivities. Cyber-criminals are always lurking, and with one misstep, you can become the victim of their malicious activities.

By following the guidance of IT specialists, your mobile devices can become fully fortified against malicious threats. With the combination of anti-virus/anti-malware software, secure app downloads, alternative access codes, and a dose of common sense, your mobile devices are rendered well-protected from threats.

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