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For the past 145 years, one asset has stood the test of time in terms of incredible returns and stability: housing. Analysts have estimated that the worldwide real estate market yield a 7.05% return annually from 1870 until 2015 – far exceeding the performance of global equities over the same period. This remarkable success rate is why the expression “as safe as houses” has become synonymous with security

From the emergence of the first brick and mortar dwellings in the primitive caves of prehistoric times, to the formidable and stylish mega-houses of the present day, the urge to own property and shelter our family, is deep-seated in humanity’s DNA. Owning a home appears to be a powerful motivator, with good reason.

Real estate’s advantages don’t stop at returns. Home ownership builds confidence, a sense of belonging and reinforces community in many ways. That bridges cultural gaps and strengthens relationships between neighbors who all share a common aim, not to mention emotional attachment, to an area.

That ‘common aim’ can also include financial security. Many people save for the longevity of their lives, to the future of their children and grandchildren, by way of real estate investments. Not only does it present a tangible asset with possibly significant appreciation profits over time, but it can also grant the significant benefit of capital appreciation on sale, creating inheritances and legacies for future generations.

More recently, the availability of mobile technology has revolutionized real estate management, slashing costs and speeding up the market renting process. New trends including the recent rise of shared housing, flat-sharing and co-living has made it easier for millennials to adopt this lifestyle, making it more achievable than ever before to gain access to the market and make it part of their economic reality.

In a time of global economic flux, real estate is still a reliable source of stability, wealth and utility. A powerful cornerstone of the global economy and one that will be around for some time yet.

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