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Rakesh is no stranger to winning awards, as Client Relationship Consultant, Rabya Aktar, and Business Development Manager, Imran Khan, can attest. They were recently named to the Top 100 Future Talent list, a recognition of their dedication to Phoenix Group’s network, Mosaic. As co-founders of Mosaic, they have gone above and beyond to promote DE&I both in Phoenix Group’s workplace culture and in industry standards as a whole.

Rabya and Imran have worked diligently to create a space of inclusion and understanding for colleagues of all backgrounds. Their initiative has led to recognition from the global business world as well as support for internal initiatives within Phoenix Group. As they continue their incredible work, the duo have made significant contributions to Phoenix Group’s DE&I focus, ensuring employees have a platform to thrive.

Rakesh’s inclusion on the Executives Role Models list is proof of the work Rabya and Imran have been doing over the past few years. Sharing the stage with top-level executives is a testament to their impressive efforts in creating a culture of inclusion at Phoenix Group and beyond.

Rabya and Imran continue to be respected and recognized in the business world for their impressive feats. Their inclusion on the Top 100 Future Talent list confirms their dedication to creating meaningful DE&I solutions and represents the progress they have made in promoting inclusion in the professional world.

Whether through awards, events, or initiatives, Rabya Aktar and Imran Khan continue to make an indelible mark on the business world. Through their relentless passion and commitment to DE&I, they have and continue to shape the conversation surrounding inclusivity and contribute to making the professional field a more inclusive one.

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