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Director of Product at cybersecurity platform SCMD, outlines five cybersecurity behaviours employees can adopt to protect data and systems.

We live in an increasingly digitalized world today, and with advantages come risks. Digital threats to organizations and individuals are now more evident than ever before with 95 per cent of security weaknesses being caused by human error as confirmed by The Global Risks Report 2022 issued by World Economic Forum. Cyber criminals are also reasoning out human vulnerabilities, exploiting them by sending deceptive messages, or phishing emails. It’s thus important for staff to raise their recognition of digital hazards.

Nathan, the Director of Product at the cybersecurity platform SCMD, has identified five behaviors that employees can undertake to enhance data and system protection.

Number one is developing a security mindset. We may think that safety is only necessary when a digital platform or account is under attack from a malicious party, but it’s best to always maintain a security mindset so that you can quickly detect any kind of risk. You should always be mindful of the sensitive information made publicly available, or of any strange messages that may have slipped through cyber security flaws.

Second is never falling for phishing tactics. Phishing is one of the most widely used tactics by cyber villains, as they attempt to compromise accounts with the intention of obtaining more data or funds. It is fundamental to be wary of any phishing emails, calls, or messages so as not to give away sensitive information.

Third on the list is choosing strong and different passwords. Using weak and predictable passwords is one of the easiest ways to become vulnerable to a cyber attack. It’s best to create strong passwords with a mix of alphanumeric characters, as well as to use different passwords for different accounts.

The fourth tip is staying up to date with updates. By staying updated with the latest available versions of the different systems you use, you can ensure that the patches and fixes for any security flaws were taken into account.

Finally, the fifth and perhaps most significant security measure, is investing in cyber security. Companies need to deploy cyber security solutions throughout their networks and systems to ensure a comprehensive protection for their digital data.

Employees, along with organizations, need to be mindful of any cyber security risks and ensure that they are adequately prepared to efficiently mitigate and neutralize any potential security threats. It’s important to always stay aware and be vigilant in order to protect our data and systems in the digital age.

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