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In a move that will benefit clients using the James Hay platform, Nucleus has announced three major changes to the platform. The first change is that James Hay will start paying interest on its transactional cash account from July, allowing clients to earn a better return on their cash holdings as interest rates begin to rise.

In the second change, Nucleus will be axing all exit fees on the James Hay platform from July. This means that clients will no longer be charged for transferring assets away from the platform, giving them greater flexibility and choice.

Finally, Nucleus has also announced that it will be upgrading the platform’s technology to improve the client experience and deliver greater functionality and efficiency.

These changes reflect Nucleus’s commitment to providing the best possible service and value to its clients, as it sets itself apart from its competitors in an increasingly competitive market. By offering greater flexibility, improved functionality, and better returns on cash holdings, Nucleus is well positioned to attract and retain clients in the years ahead.

The James Hay platform is a key part of Nucleus’s business, providing a range of services and solutions to advisers and their clients. The platform has been praised for its user-friendly interface and range of investment options, as well as its efficient administration and support.

Overall, these changes represent a positive step forward for Nucleus and the James Hay platform, as they continue to innovate and respond to the changing needs of their clients. Whether clients need access to a transactional cash account or greater flexibility and choice in managing their assets, the James Hay platform has something to offer everyone, and the new changes will only improve its value proposition.

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