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Mental Health is a broad concept that encompasses a multitude of conditions. Research from Mind has revealed that in England, one in every four people annually will experience a mental health issue of some nature. In certain communities, this estimate is significantly higher. Despite this prevalence, mental health still remains a stigmatised subject, often discussed in hushed tones as an uncomfortable topic that society would rather sweep under the rug.

It is, however, only through open dialogue and an acceptance of those suffering with mental health issues that true progress can occur. If we take concrete steps to support and understand those struggling with mental health conditions by doing away with the associations of stigma, we can slowly move towards normalising existence for those affected.

The first step for any affected individual, is acknowledging the issue and seeking a professional for assistance. This initial admission is often the most difficult, as individuals may feel ashamed of their illness or expect criticism and judgement from loved ones when they share the issue with them.

However, there is an abundance of empathy and understanding available, should the individual choose to seek it out – which is often the suitable first port of call. There are a variety of services and organisations in both the public and private sectors set up especially to support individuals with mental health conditions and a vast array of resources available for self-help. Moreover, in the digital age of the 21st century, help is even more plentiful in the form of online forums and support groups.

Navigating mental health issues may be a challenging journey, but one that is entirely worth it in the long-run. It is important to remain patient with yourself as you traverse through the highs and lows of life and to remember to be kind to yourself as you face the storm. No matter the circumstance, help be found.

Mental health conditions, though on the rise, should no longer be treated as a taboo subject. Now is the time to de-stigmatise these afflictions and recognise the fragility of the human mind, so we can come together as a society to support and provide care to those who need it. Together, we can strive for a more tolerant and understanding environment of mental health issues.

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