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The latest high-profile insurer to join CIExpert’s Insights Zone is Legal & General. In an era where security and protection matters more than ever, L&G’s addition to the platform is an major step towards CIExpert’s goal of delivering comprehensive and inclusive protection advice for consumers.

The Insight Zone, which also includes Zurich, Vitality and the Guardian as providers, offers a range of solutions tailored to suit different protection needs across the board. By aggregating data from all major life insurers, the platform’s engine will enable advisers to generate tailored insurance solutions for their clients. As a result, the Insight Zone helps advisers compare pricing and terms between different providers quickly and accurately.

Through the Insight Zone, advisers will be able to access product information, case studies and illustrations for each insurer. It also provides quotes for whole of life and income protection policies, as well as term assurance options. As part of the platform, advisers will receive an automated email A/B test every month to identify the right provider to meet their client’s needs.

Insights Zone can also be used to submit applications on behalf of clients. The data is synchronised with L&G’s systems and the application, client and policy details are accessible at the policy holder’s discretion. This provides a streamlined and efficient solution to the process of obtaining cover.

The platform offers advisers the highest quality of protection advice in an easy to understand, user-friendly system. With their enhanced technology, innovative approach to protection advice, and high calibre of providers, CIExpert’s Insights Zone is redefining what consumers expect when receiving financial advice.

L&G’s presence on the platform is set to elevate the protection needs of families, individuals and businesses alike. The insurer’s expertise in life, health and critical illness gives consumers the confidence and security that the Insight Zone is always on hand to provide the best insurance solutions for them. With additional data and the latest product information from world-leading insurers, the platform is an essential tool for protecting oneself and their loved ones.

CIExpert’s Insight Zone is a revolutionary step forward in the protection market, offering clients the assurance that their financial security is in safe hands. With a long list of leading life insurers now part of the platform, clients can rest assured that they will receive tailored and comprehensive coverage to meet all of their protection needs.

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