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As of the 30th of May, the protection policies of Legal & General customers are getting a welcomed update with an amended commission model. Responding to positive feedback from their advisers and partners, the updated structure now pays the commission of a policy on the start date of the policy instead of after successful collection of the full […]

This beneficial update aims to streamline the commission process, helping to give back time previously spent on the more administrative and manual aspects of policy collection.

The return of the commission on policy authorisation gives Financial Advisers the opportunity to continue providing their customers with the best of Service. They can continue to produce the most suitable advice and policy, then authorise it with confidence knowing that they will be rewarded for their work on the same day as their client’s policy finalisation.

Furthermore, Legal & General representatives are working closely with advisers and partners to allow them to benefit from the new system, giving them access to additional features and training that explore how protection commission might help re-invest in customer relationships.

The return to the commission on policy authorisation model for Legal & General’s protection policies is certainly welcome news for Financial Advisers and their clients, helping to reduce the administrative workload and streamline policy collection. Most importantly, however, it illustrates the dedication of the company to providing excellent service to both the adviser and customer.

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