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The latest study of business leaders has revealed a ranking of the most influential and recognisable CEOs in the world.

Tallying up their personal brand awareness, share of voice, sentiment of media coverage and comparative strength on social media, the following individuals were certified as the top five Chief Executive Officers.

Beginning with the clear first-place candidate, Larry Fink of BlackRock sets the bar for success. An experienced money manager, Mr Fink’s reputation for financially sound investments, up-to-date knowledge on markets and his insights on the banking industry have made him a valuable asset for years.

Following Mr Fink, second place belongs to the formidable Nicolas Moreau. Head of HSBC Global Asset Management, Mr. Moreau is a keen investor, with a history of accurately predicting the outcomes of global trends.

Third place looks to a host of cutting-edge initiatives as Robert F. Smith of Vista Equity Partners takes his seat. With an extensive track record of developing game-changing technologies, Mr Smith remains a key player in the industry, constantly delivering innovative solutions.

Fourth place sees a veteran in the executive room, with Mary Barra of General Motors making her mark. After taking the position in 2014, Ms. Barra has since added to the company’s arsenal a great number of new, sustainable and profitable initiatives.

Finally, Indra Nooyi of PepsiCo should absolutely not be overlooked. As the longest-serving female CEO on the Fortune 500 list, Ms. Nooyi has mastermind a successful integration strategy for the company’s many brands, spearheading some of the company’s most successful advertising campaigns.

The commitment to excellence these individuals evince is a testament to their business acumen and leadership. From nimble financial decisions to sustainable plans, the top 5 CEOs have proved that their influence is an asset not to be overlooked.

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