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Located in Southwest London, the vibrant area of Battersea is historically known for its pleasant riverside setting and numerous parks and gardens. From its iconic power station to its rich cultural history, Battersea has something to offer everyone. Here we explore what lies at the heart of this diverse and exciting part of the city.

What is Battersea’s History?

Battersea’s roots date back to the Roman era when it was settled in Lower Thames Valley in the first century AD. The settlement was primarily a fishing community and its strategic location at the Thames made it a desirable area for naval training. During the 17th century Battersea was mostly marshland, largely owned by the Wandsworth Parish, who also managed much of the area until the 19th century.

Battersea began to rapidly develop during the 1800s. The opening of the iconic Battersea Power Station in 1933 and the nearby Albert, Chelsea and Putney bridges opened up the area to more industry and investment, transforming it into a modern hub for business and leisure.

What does Battersea have to offer?

Today Battersea is a thriving and vibrant community. With numerous parks and green spaces, including the iconic Battersea Park, it has become popular amongst families and young professionals. The area has also seen a surge of iconic buildings and developments, including the new US Embassy and a new entertainment district.

In addition, Battersea is home to some of London’s best restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs. Whether your tastes lean towards traditional British dishes or exotic international cuisine, you can find it all in the area. The nightlife scene in Battersea has exploded in recent years, with the iconic riverside bars pulling in crowds night after night.


Battersea has everything a busy city dweller could hope for: bustling markets, shops and restaurants, and plenty of green spaces. It is a great area for business, leisure, and culture alike. There’s never a dull moment in Battersea – take a stroll down the riverside and explore everything the area has to offer.

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