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Iress has announced plans to reduce its global workforce by 10% as part of a business restructuring aimed at increasing efficiency and focus. The redundancies are expected to have minimal impact on client service and delivery, with targeted roles being part of an overhaul of the company’s operating structure and senior leadership teams.

The restructuring is aimed at streamlining operations and simplifying the business to ensure greater efficiency, while also ensuring that the company remains competitive in a rapidly evolving market. The changes are part of a broader strategy to position Iress for long-term growth and success, and to better serve the needs of its clients and customers.

While any job losses are regrettable, the measures being taken are necessary to ensure that the company remains agile, responsive, and able to adapt to changing market conditions. By investing in its operations, systems, and technology, Iress can continue to innovate and provide high-quality services to its clients, while also ensuring that it remains competitive in a dynamic and fast-moving market environment.

Moreover, Iress is committed to supporting its staff during this period of change, providing assistance and resources to help those affected by redundancy to find new roles or other career opportunities. The company remains dedicated to its employees and values their contributions and expertise, ensuring that they are able to thrive professionally within the organization or beyond.

Overall, while the restructuring may bring uncertainty for some, it is a necessary step towards ensuring that Iress remains at the forefront of its industry and continues to provide excellent service to its clients and customers.

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