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As the days roll by, we’re all proud to bear witness to a culture of kindness, empathy and support. During Mental Health Awareness Week (which runs annually from May 15th – 2023), the Mental Health Foundation is hosting a mission to provide a platform for people to understand and move towards managing their anxiety in all its facets and levels.

Led by our Manchester and Edinburgh-based crew, we’ll be offering free events, activities and workshops to foster a culture of understanding, healing, and solidarity during this important week, and your participation will contribute to a stronger, happier and healthier society.

During these events, yoga sessions will be conducted by certified instructors to help participants to better understand and manage their anxiety – both the physical and mental impacts. Techniques such as deep, controlled breathing and mindful movement will be explored in these classes and can offer a powerful source of stability during times of distress. Other activities, such as group discussion, will allow people to benefit from the strength of communal healing and build a broader and all-encompassing sense of self-care which, ultimately, supports the wellbeing of society at large.

At the heart of Mental Health Awareness Week, is the goal of improving the accessibility of mental health resources, providing a platform for an open discussion surrounding mental health and establishing avenues to better understand and manage anxiety. In joining this mission, we both continue the work of kindness and understand the need for solidarity in fighting the stigmatization of anxiety.

Connecting with others and with the world at large can be profoundly rewarding and healing. Whether or not you’re suffering from anxiety-related issues, it’s an important aspect of our lives that requires deeper understanding and attention throughout the year.

Come join us and support Mental Health Awareness Week by taking part in one of the free events running this week. Discover how we all can become better carers and supporters of our mental wellbeing, and find that deeper understanding and approach to managing anxiety, together.

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