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Today, Invesco, a leading global asset manager, is proud to announce the launch of the Invesco Sustainable Eurozone Equity Fund. This is a major new investment vehicle that is designed to invest in European companies that have demonstrated a commitment to transitioning their operations to meet the standards of a low-carbon world.

The Fund is being launched in partnership with UBS Global Wealth Management and will be managed by Invesco’s experienced equity fund team. This team is made up of experienced professionals with decades of investment experience, who are devoted to helping businesses reach the sustainability goals of the global society now and in the future.

The Fund is built to spend in European companies that actively display their dedication to minimizing their carbon footprint. That includes employing renewable energy, producing no emissions or producing low-carbon products. Fund managers will equally consider the businesses’ financial health along with environmental objectives when making investment decisions, so investors can expect healthy returns.

The Invesco Sustainable Eurozone Equity Fund seeks to give investors the peace of mind that comes from knowing their money is going towards businesses that are making a difference for the betterment of the planet. It’s an important and necessary step in the global race towards sustainability, and one that will benefit investors, businesses, and the planet itself.

This can be a great opportunity for investors and businesses alike. For businesses, the Invesco Sustainable Eurozone Equity Fund is a chance to receive the capital they need to meet sustainability goals while creating an economical return. For investors, this is a chance to grow their wealth while making an impactful, positive contribution to the environment.

The Invesco Sustainable Eurozone Equity Fund is a major step toward a greener, more sustainable future. Through the partnership of Invesco, UBS Global Wealth Management, and the experienced investment team, businesses and investors can be assured of a strong and secure strategy for a brighter tomorrow.

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