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We welcome you to join us on Thursday 18th May for our premier webinar with M&G Investments and their star fixed income fund managers!

Ben Lord has been with M&G since 2007 and took on the role of manager of the M&G Global Corporate Bond strategy shortly after it began. Ben has had quite a career within the company and has created sensational bond-fund strategies, revolutionizing bond investing in the process.

On this webinar you’ll get to hear Ben and the rest of the M&G Investment team discuss their strategies and key focuses for fixed income. They’ll give insights into bond markets, their forward-looking perspectives, and how you can use their Index fund to optimize portfolio strategy.

You’ll also hear from the other panelists:

– Bob Miller, who has been with M&G for nearly 20 years and manages the Global Strategic Bond and Sterling Extra Yield funds. Bob offers valuable insights into fixed income and helps advisors take advantage of solid opportunities in the bond markets.

– Nick English, manager of the M&G Optimal Income Fund, who brings incredible insights into the potential of bonds and how they can help support your portfolio. Nick’s expertise in Fixed Income helps investors navigate difficult markets.

This is a great chance to hear from the rockstars of the Fixed Income world and learn more about the opportunities they can offer you. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to gain knowledge and learn strategies you can use to strengthen your portfolio and increase returns. Register today and spend Thursday 18th May with us and M&G Investments!

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