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It’s a brand new week for MM and MMTV, and what better way to get the month rolling than to catch up on all the biggest and most popular stories from the world of Money Marketing. Over 50,000 NHS workers took the decision to leave their pensions over the last 12 months, a significant proportion of the workforce. Revealed by Money Marketing this week, the trend appears to be continuing in 2021, with the latest figures indicating a growing number of workers switching their workplace retirement savings.

Money Marketing understand the importance of protecting and growing the savings of our readers, and this week we take a look at some of the innovative and creative approaches advisers can take to build resilience in their client portfolios. Whether it’s embracing smart technology and data, or diversifying investments, MM can help you identify the best opportunities to balance and shield your clients’ savings.

We’ve also taken a closer look at the government’s plans to impose a pensions cold-calling ban, the latest in a line of initiatives designed to protect those looking to save for their retirement from the unscrupulous and disingenuous tactics of financial exploiters.

Sometimes it pays to take a step back and take a more cautious approach to investments, and this month MMTV have corraled some of the top experts in the fields of economics and financial planning to offer guidance on how to protect your retirement funds.

From turning up the heat on inappropriate pension schemes to creating a more balanced portfolio, Money Marketing has the ideas, advice and information you need to help your clients navigate their retirement journey. Don’t miss our most popular stories this week and stay informed with the help of Money Marketing and MMTV.

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Igniting May 2023: MM’s Magazine Unleashed