Home Loans: Slash Rates, Boost Investment Potential

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At Foundation, we’re proud to announce that we’ve refreshed our owner-occupied products, offering fantastic rates and conditions. Our F1 and F2 variable rates are now at an unbeatable low of 5.99%, a 0.70% reduction. And that’s not all – we’ve made the two- and five-year fixed rates on F1 Green, for buyers with properties meeting an EPC rating of C and above, start at just 6.24%, coupled with a flat fee of…

Our special rates provide a great option for land buyers looking to purchase and move into their new home. Whether it’s a single family property, condo, or duplex, foundation is giving you the opportunity to observe some of the best conditions and rates possible.

At Foundation, we understand that individuals grow and their needs advance accordingly. That’s why our owner-occupied offerings provide a wide range of options and flexibility in order to capitalize on the unique needs of buyers, which our competitors simply can’t match.

You can take advantage of all our great features and improved rates, knowing you’ll be backed by Foundation’s industry-renowned customer service. With our dedicated team of experts, you can be sure that your entire experience will be first-rate.

We are proud to be giving borrowers more choice, with more favorable conditions and more individualized options. So, if you’re in the market for a new home, don’t hesitate – visit us now and take advantage of our refreshed product line. Foundation – the ultimate choice for property buyers

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Home Loans: Slash Rates, Boost Investment Potential