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Ponds, particularly those of the Great British variety, have become far more than a mere addition to the garden nowadays. Instead, they can act as a highly effective deterrent to prospective buyers, something which has been proven to shave 1.8% off property value in some cases.

But why exactly would a pond be so detrimental to the curbing of a house’s time on the market? The answer is surprisingly simple. The maintenance, although far from impossible, is far higher than many of the traditional alternatives. They must be regularly cleaned and tended, especially if you want the local wildlife to flock in for a visit.

That’s not to say that all ponds leave potential buyers running for the hills. On the contrary, their presence can add a certain charm and unique look that can set a property aside from the rest. Although thought to affect the property’s value, this is by no means always the case and, as with all property, it’s all relative to its condition and the location.

For those wishing to add a little splash of something a little extra to their garden there are various options available. Those with the right infrastructure can opt for a natural pond but the real amount of work required to set one up should be a consideration.

A great way to get that pond look without the headache is to opt for a garden fountain. This is simply a connected pump which can be adjusted to create a stunning feature or a gentle trickle. With a quick setup and effective filtering, it also has the added bonus of giving the pond that wonderful water feature look.

Of course, no pond would be complete without a selection of aquatic plants. These add a vibrant element to the scene and help balance out the Ph levels of the water to ensure the healthier environment for any wildlife hoping to take refuge in the depths of the lake.

Ponds are still a popular feature for gardeners and homeowners alike, however, it’s important to be aware of the potential effects that it could have on a property’s value. Though it’s always relative to certain circumstances, a thoughtful pond installation can add a stunning character to a garden and be the envy of anyone who visits.

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