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Holborn Financial, a Wimbledon-based IFA firm, has announced its second acquisition of the month with the purchase of Gary Cook Financial Services in Maidstone, Kent. The deal, which is for an undisclosed sum, will allow Gary Cook to retire while ensuring that his clients receive uninterrupted service and support.

This acquisition follows Holborn’s recent purchase of Kingsley Financial Management in Whitchurch, and demonstrates the company’s strong commitment to growth and expansion. These acquisitions strengthen Holborn’s position as a leading IFA firm, with a broader range of services and geographical reach.

Holborn Financial Managing Director, Tariq Hussain, expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition, noting that it represented an exciting opportunity for the company to expand its services and acquire new clients. He also emphasized that Holborn is committed to providing excellent service and support to all of its clients, old and new.

The acquisition comes at a time of change and uncertainty in the financial services industry, with increasing regulatory oversight and shifting consumer demands. By expanding its capabilities and client base, Holborn is well positioned to stay ahead of these trends and continue to provide high-quality advice and support to its clients.

Overall, this announcement underscores Holborn Financial’s commitment to growth and its emphasis on client service and support. By acquiring established businesses and expanding its range of services, the company is well positioned to take advantage of the many opportunities that lie ahead.

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