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Death. Even pondering its reality can bring forth a flood of emotions. Now add to it the task of planning a funeral and laying a loved one to rest. It can be a difficult grief filled process that no one should face alone.

A recent study examining those who have gone through the process of funeral planning in the last two years, showed that 51% of those surveyed were not aware of any final wishes from the person who had passed away. Diicult decisions like song choice, coffin type and of course funeral preferences had to be made in the absence of expressed desires from their departed loved one.

The survey asked the 367 participants about their experiences, attitudes and behaviors surrounding funeral planning. Results showed that the majority of the participants felt the worst part of the experience was having to make decisions on behalf of the person who had passed away (47%).

Making matters more difficult, of those people surveyed, 76% reported that communication within their families was inadequate or unhelpful when it came to funeral plans. This further complicated the decisions in the absence of the deceased’s wishes.

As a result of this, 70% of respondents said they had difficulties knowing what to expect at their loved ones funeral. Furthermore, nearly two-thirds (65%) said the funeral was not what they expected it to be, given the difficulties with communicating and decision-making among family members.

Fortunately, the participants found solace in the support of professionals like funeral directors and celebrants, who offered guidance and assistance in the making of funeral arrangements. Although, responding to the survey, it remains an emotionally taxing moment when saying goodbye to a beloved person.

With many people preferring to plan their own funeral, or to at least express preferences, discussing these matters quickly amongst family members or writing down detailed instructions is undeniably essential. Doing this may provide more peace of mind and less strain during an already overwhelming situation.

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