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There’s an obvious unbalance between work and life for most workers, and it’s all too often coupled with a lack of recognition. These are some of the main takeaways of O.C. Tanner’s 2023 Global Culture Report, which studied feedback from 36,000 participants. This alarming research indicates that 35% of financial services professionals report being extremely exhausted by their work, and 27% are left feeling emotionally depleted.

It’s clear that this is not a healthy way of life and, fortunately, business leaders are taking note. The key problem is that employees are asked to fit an unnatural amount of responsibility into their daily lives – and often without the adequate job security or praise they need to feel inspired.

It’s no wonder that the lack of balance between work and leisure, along with limited respect for the work performed, is leading to burnout. A study conducted by Deloitte highlighted that financial services professionals are at particularly high risk of burnout, as they’re under an intense level of pressure to deliver results while being expected to remain focused and efficient for an extended period of time.

Employees of all industries can face burnout without the right support, making it essential for leadership to act as a motivator. Companies need to offer a balance between work and leisure, encouraging employees to pursue meaningful activities outside of their job requirements. This could be something as simple as offering flexible workplace hours or allowing remote work whenever possible.

If business leaders can make a few key adjustments to create a more balanced work-life ratio, employees will have the opportunity to pursue projects and activities they profoundly value – something they likewise need in order to reach their full potential.

Employers should also make an effort to show employees more gratitude and appreciation for the work they produce. This workplace environment could include awards that recognize employees’ hard work, or providing opportunities to voice their own ideas and take on leading roles. This type of recognition is essential to ensure employees are feeling engaged, fulfilled, and most importantly, inspired to continue to do their best work.

It’s time for business leaders to step up and prioritize creating practices to promote an effective work-life balance. By taking the initiative to show employees how much they are valued, financial services professionals can start to feel more energized and satisfied with their day-to-day responsibilities. Ultimately, this sense of fulfillment and recognition can significantly improve their performance.

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