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Having worked on many occasions as a mortgage broker, Benjamin Blyth, director of Houz Mortgages, has encountered a variety of different scenarios. Recently, one notable case was that of a first-time buyer.

Upon closer examination, Mr. Blyth discovered that this individual had a default balance of £468 with a water company. The cause of this debt was an old bill that had gone unpaid. Fortunately, the deed was discovered during the mortgage process, and the buyer was able to settle the debt without any further delay.

It is situations like this one that demonstrate just how vital a proactive approach is when facing any potential mortgage-related impediment. By researching a client’s background, credit history and debts, a broker can quickly progress to the next step and ultimately approve the individual’s mortgage application.

However, if any issues arise during the process, it is important to resolve them as soon as possible. After all, failure to do so may cause the mortgage arrangement to be cancelled or delayed. The first-time buyer in question had certainly appreciated this foresight – the swift intervention of Mr. Blyth had averted a catastrophe!

For any aspiring homeowners, whether it be a first-timer or an experienced house buyer, it is essential to remember the importance of having a mortgage provider audit your current financial standing prior to applying. Even small defaults or late payments can hinder an individual’s chances of getting a mortgage agreement and elevate the stakes to a considerable extent.

So, if you are considering taking on a mortgage, ensure that your credit history is up to date and free of error. Having someone professional by your side to enforce this practice is fair insurance upon receiving the mortgage you deserve.

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