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As a rapidly growing financial services company, Hargreaves Lansdown is ready to take its advice proposition to the next level. Recently, the firm announced a new role, the Head of its Advice Proposition – a position that will be essential to its brand new advice and guidance strategy.

The new strategy hopes to provide customers with access to financial advice, more tailored to their lifestyle and goals. With the introduction of this new role, it marks a major milestone for Hargreaves Lansdown, as well as recognition of the changes that are taking place in the industry. The new head of the advice proposition will have the opportunity to be at the forefront of this transformation and have a significant impact in the success of the firm.

Beyond a strong technical knowledge of the investment and savings industry, Hargreaves Lansdown are looking for a candidate who can develop and grow the brand’s advice and guidance platform. They should also have experience in business development, as well as an understanding of markets, customer needs and competitive strategies.

The role also requires a leader with excellent collaborative and communication skills and the ability to manage multiple internal and external teams. The ability to develop new relationships with customers and businesses is also key, as is the ability to stay abreast with technology trends and insights.

The firm will continue to refine and develop its advice and guidance product over the coming years, and this new role provides an excellent opportunity to join Hargreaves Lansdown in its ambition to be a leader in the industry. With the right set of skills, this role could play a crucial part in the firm’s innovative and successful journey.

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