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M&G Investments – What’s Ahead for Fixed Income?

On Thursday 18th May, Ben Lord, Eva Sun-Wai, and Gregory Smith of the M&G Fixed Income team will discuss the future of fixed income investments. Dive deep as we explore what the future may bring and find out how cleverly managing risk has become even more important.

Fixed income investments, through bonds and related vehicles, have long served as a standard in conservative portfolios. Much of the benefit is derived through steady, consistent returns, against a relative certainty of the return of principal investment. But the fixed income landscape has evolved over the years and many investors may not be taking advantage of the choice and range available in today’s markets.

Our expert panel will be discussing these topics, alongside their current thinking and outlooks across a range of fixed income asset classes and baskets. We’ll also examine how the latest, advanced technology and data science can help unlock value for investors. Learn how to more accurately factor risk while at the same time exploring new opportunities to grow your portfolio.

This session is ideal for investors, advisors, and asset managers who are looking to get the most from their fixed income investments. Don’t miss out as we discuss how best to approach fixed income investments in an ever-changing market.

We’ll be live from 10-11:30am. Register today and join us this Thursday as we meet with three of the industry’s best Fixed Income Fund Managers. Secure your place for a thought-provoking and timely look at the future of fixed income investments.

Explore the potential of fixed income investments and more this Thursday when M&G Fixed Income’s team of experts reveal their latest insights. Join us from 10-11:30am and discover new opportunities to help maximize your returns. Invest in the knowledge of our experienced Fund Managers and unlock the power of your portfolio with the latest fixed income strategies.

Discover how you can position yourself for success in the fixed income markets this Thursday. Sign up now for an invaluable opportunity to learn from three of the top Fixed Income Fund Managers.

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Discover Fixed Income Opportunities: Webinar Awaits