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As I made my trek to work recent one morning, I noticed something unusual at Waterloo station – a robotic mop working its way across the floor. It was truly impressive to observe technology being employed in a place which isn’t known for progressive concepts.

Yet, when my curiosity led me closer, I spotted something less futuristic – a member of staff, monitoring the creation of this servant.

While the automation of mundane, repetitive tasks is advantageous, there remains a need for human input. Even the most perfect robotic incarnation requires guidance and maintenance.

Though it is certainly exciting to witness tech advancements, there is also a potential for improvement in the realm of efficient human oversight. AI may be responsible for undertaking the work, but humans are just as integral to the process.

As I watched this robotic mop diligently scrubbing away, I was reminded of the importance of both types of contributions. Human ingenuity is being used in a variety of places, both on a large scale and with robots which may be overlooked.

The very presence of technological advancements can bring a sense of liberation to those who, in an older era, might have been doing the same job, day in and day out.

These advances can also liberate us from fixating on the minutiae of the past in order to promote a better quality experience for all humankind. If our collective intelligence is tapped in a methodical manner, it is a benefit for everyone.

Though there is ample room for improvement, the auspicious presence of streams of innovation always come as a welcome sign. As I watched this robot laboring away, I smiled, pleased to see the potential for betterment and collaboration. I hope to observe more of these phenomena in the future.

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