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Today, Covatic, the developer of a premier privacy-first audience targeting solution, announced that it has landed $5 million in a Series A funding round that was led by Praetura Ventures, a venture capital investor located in Manchester. This solution from Covatic will give customers the freedom to personalize in a way that is both secure and ethical. With the investment, they will be able to grow their technology and roll it out in the global advertising market.

The needs of customers who are privacy-minded and want to execute personalized campaigns had gone neglected for too long, and Covatic was created to fill that void. Businesses now have a proven, effective, and secure option to do just that. Their performance will be improved since they no longer have to juggle an ever-growing list of compliance protocols. The ability to customize that comes with Covatic allows users to track and reach their target audience without any privacy risks that come with other solutions.

This Series A funding from the Praetura Ventures is only solidifying Covatic as the leader of the pack. The Covatic solution is helping to draw a clear line between personalization and privacy. They are eliminating the need for advertisers to have to choose one over the other and are giving customers the secure and personalized options they need.

The Chief Executive Officer of Covatic, Andrew Hunter, stated, “The cost of advertising is soaring and without an ethical approach to personalization, privacy sits at the bottom of priority agendas. We are really pleased with the support we have received from capital investors, as Covatic begins to bring all elements of a privacy-first solution to market.”

Covatic is flipping the script and helping to lead the digital advertising industry away from overwhelming ad personalization to an ethical data-driven approach. With Covatic, customers can be sure that their campaigns will be both personalized and secure. They will no longer have to worry about privacy laws, such as GDPR or CCPA, because Covatic works with all regulations as a part of their secure solution.

This $5 million Series A funding round from Praetura Ventures was the final piece of the puzzle that allows Covatic to bring its industry-leading privacy-first targeting solutions to the world. With new financial backing, Covatic will expand its capabilities and reach in the global digital media market, allowing advertisers to confidently reap the benefits of their cutting-edge solution.

Today, Covatic changes the game with its introduction of an ethical and secure solution to personalization. Their solution allows for the data-driven campaigns that businesses need without any of the privacy issues that can come with other solutions. The millions of dollars from the Series A investment from Praetura Ventures will be used for the further development of their technology and will catapult them to the forefront of the global future-proof advertising market.

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