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Introducing My Continuum Succession, a fresh and comprehensive solution to powerful smooth transitions of client books between advisers in the Continuum partnership.

This game-changing offering empowers advisers to create a unified business strategy that is futureproofed for enduring success and continuity of clients’ relationships and services. Whether it be retirement planning, financial protection, or an undefined future, this solution offers crucial protection, peace of mind and stability.

Advisers can now give themselves and their clients the confidence that their retirement and financial goals are safeguarded. My Continuum Succession eliminates the risk of disruption and potential loss of income associated with client attrition and succession planning.

This forward-thinking solution offers businesses within the Continuum partnership a chance to realize long-term stability for their clients, businesses and themselves. Advisers now have the opportunity to leverage continuity planning in order to maximize their success and create a lasting, sustainable legacy.

Continuum’s launch of this solution gives their partners the power of a unified vision and independence of operation, while still benefitting from compliance and technology advantages of the parent company. The Solutions’ secure, easy to use online technology simplifies and accelerates the succession process to make sure all needs are met, both in the short and long term.

My Continuum Succession provides an unlimited ability for advisers to plan for the future, secure their business and client income and define operations for swift, successful transitions of client books. Reinforcing Continuum’s commitment to its valued partners, this solution is offered as a cost effective and comprehensive option for long-term stability.

My Continuum Succession is the ideal solution for all advisers looking to realize the long-term success of their businesses. Advisers within the Continuum partnership are urged to take advantage of the easy to use and cost effective solution for resilient and powerful transitions and stress free succession planning.

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