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Clinical compliance and/or engaged in higher risk therapies, the framework provides a series of guidance documents that address the numerous vulnerabilities identified by Comentis’s market leading online assessment tool.

The recent rise in consumer duty compliance regulations has made protecting clients from those vulnerabilities particularly pertinent. Clinical firms, both large and small, can benefit from using the framework to ensure they are abiding by their legal obligations and providing the highest level of care for clients.

To meet their obligations, clinical firms must identify, detect, assess and respond to any risk or potential risk of harm to clients. The Comentis Vulnerability Support Framework is designed to make this process easier by providing firms with actionable steps and guidance on how best to address the vulnerabilities identified. With the Framework’s combinatorial version, practitioners and firms can access even more specific guidance based on their individual needs and industry requirements.

This comprehensive Framework encompass a variety of methods and tasks that firms can use to address the vulnerabilities identified. To ensure that the guidance provided is fully in line with the legal and regulatory requirements, Comentis has created and reviewed each step to ensure regulatory adequacy – providing firms with immense confidence.

The framework documents provide advice on topics such as enhanced confidentiality measures, support frameworks for those causing harm to self and others, managing a duty to report any health or safety risk and/or negligent acts or omissions, as well as other areas concerning the wellbeing and protection of vulnerable clients.

Praising the Framework, Comentis CEO, Jack Mitchell, said: “Vulnerability, in all its forms, is something we unequivocally stand against. The Vulnerability Support Framework is a response to the modern clinical landscape and represents the necessary initiatives clinicians must take in order to ensure the highest level of care for their clients. We believe that it’s our duty to help firms achieve this, and with such a comprehensive set of actionable guidance, we are incredibly confident that they will be able to do so.”

In this age of increased compliance regulations and heightened scrutiny, clinical firms must do everything in their power to protect vulnerable clients. The Comentis Vulnerability Support Framework is designed to be a valuable resource and provide the timely guidance needed to ensure firms are meeting their legal obligations. With the Framework, clinicians can have peace of mind that their clients are supported and provided with a duty of care.

As the world of clinical compliance grows ever more demanding, Comentis has taken the lead in providing practitioners with the help they need to protect and care for their vulnerable clients. By introducing the Vulnerability Support Framework, Comentis has created an invaluable resource that provides actionable steps and guidance on the steps required to ensure the security, wellbeing and protection of clients. In an industry where protecting vulnerable individuals has never been more crucial, the Framework provides the essential tools and advice needed to ensure that everyone involved is being properly supported.

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