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The world is full of pressing challenges that require creative solutions, and CIRCA5000 is providing an innovative way to address some of the most important issues of our time. The firm, launched in 2019, has announced that it is launching a new impact-focused UCITS ETF fund range. This investment portfolio will target companies that are making tangible progress in achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Dedicated to making a positive impact while earning a return, CIRCA5000 reduces risk and maximizes returns by rigorously selecting investments that meet a strict set of impact criteria. Through this approach, the firm is delivering powerful proof that making a social or environmental return can also translate into a financial one. investments that meet a strict set of impact criteria. Through this approach, the firm is among the few that have earned the B Corp certification, showing its commitment to the highest ethical and environmental standards.

The new impact fund is designed to provide an easy, cost-efficient way to invest in the UN SDGs, allowing investors to access the growing opportunity of high-impact funds. This will make it significantly easier for private investors to make a meaningful contribution to solving global challenges, earn a return, and help drive progress towards the SDGs. CIRCA5000’s UCITS ETF fund range will provide investors with complete portfolio coverage of the investible UN SDGs, providing exposure to global issues such as clean water and sanitation, sustainability, health, and reducing inequality.

Not only is CIRCA5000 unique in its focus on mitigating risk and investing in solutions to global challenges, but the firm is also an industry leader in increasing access to the impact investing sector. It is the first to offer investors cost-efficient access to high-impact companies, making this a strong investment choice for those seeking a portfolio with both financial and social returns.

CIRCA5000 stands out as an innovative solutions provider, dedicated to creating societal and environmental change while also delivering high yields for investors. As more investors become aware of the potential for high-impact investments, CIRCA5000’s UCITS ETF fund range is well-placed to help fund the solutions of tomorrow and earn a return for the investors of today.

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