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The current state of the property market leaves many wondering if it’s a buyers’ or sellers’ market, with contrasting views being held by experts in the industry. Nick Harris, Co-founder of Quarters Residential Estate Agents, commented: “Rather than being categorized simply as a buyers’ or sellers’ market, the situation is more complex than that. There are many factors impacting the state of the property market [such as] the economy, mortgage rates, politics, and even the weather.”

But although the property landscape may be shifting, Harris doesn’t think it’s a sign of any real trouble. He added: “We are not seeing signs of a significant downturn, more a continuing adjustment of the market.”

Jules Hussey, Mortgage & Protection Broker at Inter Financial Solutions, also weighed in on the debate. He insists that now is a great time to enter the market. He said: “In some sectors of the market, we are seeing favourable conditions to enter, while in other sectors of the overall property landscape it may be more advantageous to be a seller.”

According to Alex Talbot, Estate Agency Director at family-owned local firm Talbots Property, a number of factors will decide which kind of market you should be entering. He said: “The variables of buyers and sellers are all dependent on factors such as location and price, meaning sellers in some areas may have to wait longer to sell, while others may have more interested buyers.”

Though the property market is obviously in flux, Helen Limb, residential and new homes conveyancing leader at law firm Ashfords LLP, has some optimistic predictions. She said: “Despite the current climate, there remains an underlying feeling of confidence amongst buyers, meaning the number of inquiries we are seeing remains consistent. This coupled with the ever-developing technology of the property market should give everyone a boost of confidence when selling or buying property.”

So as opinions vary, a balanced perspective is needed. Whether buyers or sellers hold the advantage in the current property market depends on key factors such as the location, property price and latest economic developments. However, what remains certain is that in a shifting market, those selling or buying should remain confident that their interests will be protected by the property experts.

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