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The start of Q1 saw TMA Club lend a helping hand to their supported brokers with a range of queries. With nearly seventy percent of these being residential-related and the remaining underneath a third put towards Buy-to-Let, it was clear what would be the main themes of this first quarter.

When it comes to residential, the main queries revolved around adverse credit and unconventional borrowing solutions, as people necessarily sought out different avenues to achieve the best possible outcome. While for Buy-to-Let, the main areas of focus were top slicing and financial considerations.

That’s not to say that these two categories were covered exclusively. A variety of other topics formed the basis of the questions that TMA Club answered in the first quarter. However, these settled into the upper echelons when it came to best practices.

As it stands today, the top three queries TMA Club has answered are first and foremost Buy-to-Let top slicing. This was the most frequent query covered this quarter, with people looking to understand the nuances and regulations in regards to it.

Second was financial considerations around Buy-to-Let, which again was a recurrent theme throughout the quarter, as more and more people look to generate returns from their acquisitions.

Finally, conventional borrowing solutions were the third most common query, followed closely by other residential-related questions that needed answering.

It’s clear to see that TMA Club’s efforts to make sure they are up to date on the latest regulatory changes and industry trends, is exactly what their brokers depend on to stay ahead of the curve and empower their clients to make the best choices when it comes to their financial goals.

In the first quarter of the year, TMA Club answered a range of inquiries from their supported brokers, predominately centering around Buy-to-Let and residential. With Buy-to-Let queries spiking for advice on top slicing and financial considerations while residential queries was dominated by discussions of adverse credit and unconventional borrowing solutions. All this helping to make the markets more transparent and informed to their brokers and the end consumer alike.

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