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For far too long, estate agents and their customers have been stuck with the same old-fashioned property transaction system. The process of finding the right buyer, negotiating a deal, and then closing the deal can be long and tedious, leading to high fall-through rates and a great deal of stress for both buyers and sellers.

That’s why The Federation of Independent Agents (The FIA) is so proud to announce Assured Sales as its latest official supplier. Assured Sales has changed the way that property transactions are managed, building upon years of customer feedback and best-practice techniques to create an innovative new system.

The inclusion of Assured Sales couldn’t come at a better time, as the property market is facing ever-increasing demand and the need to consistently improve customer service. Since Assured Sales was launched, FIA members have seen reduced fall through rates and faster sales processes, ultimately helping to improve customer satisfaction and saving estate agents time and money.

Furthermore, Assured Sales also eliminates the risk of transaction fraud, as buyers and sellers are backed by an automated system which helps to reduce risks associated with property transactions.

With Assured Sales, FIA members can provide their customers with an improved experience, offering peace of mind and security when it comes to purchasing or selling a home. This cutting-edge system, seen by many as the new benchmark in property transaction services, provides a surefire way for estate agents to speed up the process, decrease fall-through rates, and enable buyers and sellers to enjoy a much better selling or buying experience.

The future of property transactions is here and The FIA is proud to have Assured Sales as its latest official supplier, giving its members access to a modern, effective way of managing property transactions so they can satisfy their customers’ needs.

The FIA is delighted to introduce Assured Sales as its official supplier, allowing estate agents to enjoy a much more efficient property transaction system. Assured Sales has revolutionized the way transactions are conducted, enabling buyers and sellers to buy with peace of mind and secure their deals faster than ever before. This state-of-the-art system shortens the process, reduces the risk of transaction fraud, and reduces fall-through rates, meaning everyone involved can rest assured that their deals will go as smoothly as possible. With this cutting-edge system, The FIA is offering a new way forward for estate agents to better service their client’s needs and reach a successful conclusion more quickly.

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