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Blockchain has been welcomed with much enthusiasm from the moment it entered into the public arena in the early 2010s. Its potential as an industry disruptor and for bringing about drastic advancements for all is widely recognised, yet there are some who are still unfamiliar with the potential of this technology.

Now, investors and wealth advisors are trying to unlock the true potential of blockchain, attempting to leverage it for their clients and bring about tangible benefit. What started as a concept, is now starting to offer new ways to simplify complex operations and bring about cost reductions, as well as improved speed and accuracy in the way wealth firms conduct their business.

Through smart contracts, companies are able to apply blockchain technology to various business models and find ways to support the complex nature of mixed asset classes and automatically execute pre-defined terms and conditions between two or more parties. This flawlessly and quickly manages all function with no human intervention required, ensuring accuracy and complete safety.

Blockchain can also offer exciting opportunities in automating the reporting process. With all transactions occurring within a blockchain ecosystem, the process of information transfer and data accuracy becomes fast and reliable. This not only reduces the chances of error but also helps companies and investors adhere to stringent compliance regulations.

As blockchain continues to develop and evolve, it will increasingly become an integral part of wealth management activities. With the ability to radically transform existing business processes, it could soon become a foundational component of the modern wealth ecosystem.

The potential of blockchain for revolutionising the wealth management industry is clear. By introducing trust and confidence into sensitive financial transactions, it can ensure that wealth advisors can continue to manage their client’s data with confidence and in a securely managed environment. With its numerous benefits and its adoption on the rise, blockchain is becoming a core tool for delivering value in the wealth industry and creating a better work environment for clients.

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