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Investing can appear daunting, but at its core, it’s all about striking the right balance between potential reward and risk. When it comes down to it, risk is tough to peg down, but typically, the longer an investor has to commit, the riskier the investment may be. Smart investors will consider a wide range of investments in order to spread out the risks.

Be it cryptocurrencies, bonds, stocks or index funds, each comes with its own level of risk and opportunity for reward. The most savvy investors always keep abreast of the conditions of the markets, such as global news, and always think ahead. The patient investor, with a superior strategy, will always be better placed to take advantage of the times they invest in.

The target return is an important factor too, with an understanding of the reasonable expectations particular to the market they invest in. Those aiming for high returns may need to bear in mind that these can carry immense risk, as well as plans to safeguard their investment. Lower, safer returns are more reliable, but may require a longer timeframe to realise.

Conversely, short-term investors should focus on short-term investments. For the safety of the investor, conducting thorough research on the medium to long-term investment should be paramount. With stocks, for example, look at the expected pattern of dividend payments, the current debt levels against net earnings, and the level of long-term changes in the sector – all of which may have a knock on effect.

Being sensible, diversifying investments and diversifying portfolios are good habits for any investor to pick up. One key objective for an investor is to create a portfolio filled with different types of risk and investments. Also important is deciding when is the right time to exit the market.

Good communication with a financial advisor, broker or investor network can greatly boost knowledge, skills and insights that can help shape the right investment decisions. It can even lead to new investment ideas, particularly the ones that are off the beaten track.

The benefits of having a savvy approach to investing should not be understated. Whether the investment timeframe is short or long term, with a bit of savvyness and know-how, it’s possible to ensure the right balance of risk and return. Armed with the right information, investors can make smart decisions that can generate rewarding outcomes.

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