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Financial advice businesses must take special care when determining their customers’ needs and offering suitable products and services. These efforts are necessary to ensure they not only meet regulations, but they also provide the highest level of service to all customers.

In this blog, I, Michelle Hoskin from Standards International, will discuss the importance of recognizing and satisfying customer requirements in the financial sector, such as investment and protection services.

The challenge for financial services firms is to address the needs of customers quickly and efficiently. This requires adapting to the changing market conditions and understanding customers’ unique preferences. Learning about potential customers, their goals, and their current financial situations can help firms successfully design appropriate solutions. With the heightened competition in the financial services sector, firms must not only provide the best advice, but also initiate pro-active customer service.

Financial services firm must understand that the customer experience is more than just the advice they provide. It is crucial that accompanying touchpoints, such as product disclosure statements, all the way through to post sale monitoring and updates, provide intuitive and tailored customer service. This can ensure clear communication between customers and advisors, as well as encouraging interactions between clients and companies in all aspects of advice, servicing, and protection.

At Standards International, we emphatically believe that firms should employ customer-centric methods of communication, such as suggest feature bar, to ensure that customers are always receiving the best and most tailored advice, even in difficult situations. By offering exceptional service, companies can help build and retain a loyal customer base, improve their reputation, and develop innovative techniques to keep their brand competitive in the market.

In summary, financial services firms should take a more proactive stance and emphasize the importance of creating tailored customer experiences. This can be accomplished through providing comprehensive advice and quality assurance that customers can access easily, along with engaging and transparent communications. Furthermore, financial advice businesses should remain conscious of the changing customer climate in order to achieve their desired customer experience.

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