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Aegon is at the forefront of member engagement innovation, with Pension Geeks TV (PGTV) propelling them further along the industry-leading pathway. PGTV offers a living, interactive studio experience that is also available for members to access at their convenience. Recently, Money Managing in Uncertain Times was amongst the compelling topics covered – demonstrating how members can effectively deal with difficult financial times.

The show features industry experts from across the board who weigh in on the different solutions that are available, thereby enabling viewers to take proactive steps to secure their financial future. Not only do these experts provide their expertise and knowledge, but they also respond to the questions of online viewers. The virtual studio setting is the ideal platform to foster meaningful conversations and tackle the issues that really matter.

PGTV carefully crafts programming that resonates with a wide audience. The content matters to viewers as it revolves around their lives and is vital during difficult economic times. Often, members need support when it comes to financial matters and Aegon are providing a service which grants them the necessary support and insight.

Aegon have a reputation for excellence, and with initiatives such as PGTV that follow the aims of their mission statement, it is clear why they are champions of the industry. Viewers receive an informative and engaging insight into their field and become active participants in their on-screen journey. They are experts at making difficult topics easily understandable and enjoyable to watch.

PGTV is an impressive concept which has great potential and far-reaching positive impacts. Aegon has once again solidified their position as an industry leader with their immersive and educational programming.

Aegon is blazing a trail when it comes to engaging members, and Pension Geeks TV (PGTV) is the perfect example of this. PGTV offers interactive, live studio shows that are also available on-demand, with recent topics focusing on how viewers can manage their money during turbulent times. Not only this, but the platform is manned by experts from a wide variety of fields who lend their knowledge and answer questions from viewers. Through this, members get tailored advice and become active participants in their learning journey.

Aegon is a leader in this space, as proven by innovative initiatives such as PGTN. By creating content that matter to viewers and is easy to consume, they are, once again, underlining their exceptional success. This channel is a great feature which provides thought-provoking, informative and educational material, allowing viewers to achieve financial security, peace of mind and a more secure future.

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