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From the finest palaces to the austere towers, Britain’s royal residences are prized assets, with the most recent appraisal of their collective worth estimated at just shy of 4 billion pounds.

GetAgent set out to analyze the value of 10 of their crown jewels, tracing the changes in value over the last year. Buckingham Palace is the most costly, with an estimated selling price of £1.4bn, followed closely by Hampton Court Palace and the Tower of London. The Tower of London is currently valued at just over £500m and Kensington Palace at £350m.

St James’s Palace is not only grand and stately in appearance, it is no less expensive, with an estimated value of £310m. While not as highly valued, iconic buildings such as the Queen’s Gallery, Frogmore House and Clarence House all carry estimations in the region of £100m.

The Palace of Holyroodhouse, Balmoral Castle and Sandringham House each come in significantly lower than their counterparts, with estimated figures of £8m, £5m, and £2m respectively.

Overall, there appears to have been a noteworthy shift in value in the proceeding year, with the majority of the 10 residences either decreasing or stagnant in value.  The Tower of London and Kensington Palace both saw drops of 14% and 6%, totally wiping out any gains incurred the prior year.  Meanwhile, Balmoral Castle experienced an increase in value of 3%.

The now told-tale market rollercoaster seemed to be in play for the historic royal homes, with the remainder of the 10 either meeting the same price level as the prior year or increasing in value by a few percent.

Royal residences have long been held in reverence as some of Britain’s most iconic buildings. Drawing on centuries of royal homecomings, these grandiose mansions and towers act as a reminder of the regal lineage, wealth and influence of the royals.

GetAgent’s research has revealed that their total worth sits around the £4 billion mark, though there is evidence to suggest that value of the 10 coveted buildings have seen fluctuations in the past 12 months. As the property market continues to offer plenty of surprises, we look forward to seeing how the valuation of these jewels in the crown will take shape in the coming year.

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